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Every week this business show is to help the entrepreneurs of the world navigate through all the decisions that need to be made to start and grow a company. Our hosts, Russ and Greg, weave through the maze of hurdles that start-up and young companies are dealing with every day. Whether you are interested in the marketing, financial, HR, legal, or any other side of business, our hosts will discuss their thoughts and interview guests to provide insights. You might even have a few laughs along the way.

DIY for Business joins ElectraCast Podcast Network DIY For Business

Breaking News: DIY for Business is proud to announce they have joined ElectraCast podcast network. We interview Founders of ElectraCast, Peter Rafelson and Mark Netter about their careers and vision of the network . We also get into what has made their company so successful. More Breaking News! Our hosts, Russ and Greg will also be responsible for building out a Business network of podcasts to be featured on ElectraCast. The network will be a community of podcasters delivering amazing, entertaining shows around different aspects of business. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
  1. DIY for Business joins ElectraCast Podcast Network
  2. Finding Your Motivation with Polly Campbell
  3. Leadership with Jon S. Rennie
  4. Interview on Customer Service
  5. I Have a Feeling
  6. Automation Sensation
  7. Business Owner Interview: Liberty Tax
  8. Protect Your Company
  9. Learning and Innovation Go Hand in Hand
  10. Sparks Fly

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